rootie reaches the semifinals at reflectx 01

Rootie Reaches the Semifinals at REFLECTX

We are proud to announce that Rootie has successfully competed in the semifinals of REFLECTX (Reflect Festival) – a global startup event with over 10 000 attendees. This achievement serves as further validation to our vision, showcasing our commitment to innovation and excellence in the commodities trading sector.Getting selected amongst…

Potato Industry Fear: Seeds Marketing Policies Face Parliament Vote

The European potato industry is echoing alarm over impending seed marketing rules, with an important vote in the Parliament on the horizon. The Union for the Promotion of the Potato (UPP), Europe's leading potato industry association, is voicing out against the proposal and raising concerns over potential substantial impact on…
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Rootie: Revolutionizing the Commodities Marketplace

Imagine a marketplace where trading raw goods and commodities is as easy as clicking a button, where businesses connect, deals flow smoothly, and the world's resources move with the click of a mouse. That's Rootie – a revolutionary digital marketplace born out of a year when the world's markets turned…